President - STF

We have a dream

On behalf of the STF Family, I would like to start off by saying,

We have a dream, our dream is to make our world more livable with our products, contribute to sustainable agricultural policies, increase productivity by using our resources more effectively and to do this with you. While doing all these, to ensure the effective use of our precious water resources, which are the indispensable source of our lives.

It is a well-known fact that our world is lost with the unconscious consumption of our natural resources.

I know that; With climate changes, especially industrialization, increases in the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and causing decrease in our water resources all over the world. As a company that observes modernization in irrigation, we promise to do our part within the framework of the principle of “effective and environmentally friendly irrigation systems.” Because “We have a dream” We are producing, and we will do, so that the Global Climate Change does not adversely affect our future generations and the efficient use of water, which is our source of life.

As a result, we derive our energy from you, our products and our contribution to a more livable world. We are ready to do our part in this process with our lower carbon business models and irrigation systems. Follow our dreams…

We Love Our World.

Best regards

Salim Tokmak

We are present at Eima 2022The future of irrigation is in Bologna ITALY November 9-13, 2022 For better efficiency,

We bring together the irrigation technologies of the future with you at Italy