We love our world - STF

We love our world

Our climate protection goal

In order to show that a carbon-free future is attainable for everyone, we increase our knowledge and skills in the fields of carbon-sensitive agricultural practices and energy, and minimise our carbon footprint.

We are proud to be one step closer to our goal of producing with zero carbon understanding, which is our long-term dream with our solar-based energy acquisition methods with the measures we have taken in our production base in order to reflect our less carbon footprint to this world, which is the trust of future generations, in order to reduce clean and renewable energy, reduced air pollution, climate change and water pollution.

In July 2022, while producing the energy we need in the cleanest way with our solar-based energy acquisition system, we share with you the joy of saving a forest of 33350 trees a year or preventing 1761 tonnes of carbon dioxide and making our world more livable.

We Love Our World

We are present at Eima 2022The future of irrigation is in Bologna ITALY November 9-13, 2022 For better efficiency,

We bring together the irrigation technologies of the future with you at Italy