S-Plus - STF


What is STF S Plus?

S-Plus, which offers a seamless drip irrigation experience even in the most challenging topographic conditions;  It is a drip irrigation pipe produced with superior STF quality standards in order to easily distribute water and nutrients to multi-season field and garden plants.

STF Damlama Sulama

Why S Plus

• It is extremely resistant to different factors (UV light, heat and soil creatures). 

• Drip for ease of use in all directions. 

• Provides superior irrigation performance with homogeneous water and nutrient distribution even at low pressure.

• Produced in a wide range of options, diameter (16-22), and different dripper options, suitable for every project is provided.

S Plus is produced for garden, greenhouse and landscape plants.

It has been developed for trouble-free irrigation. Thanks to the materials used in its production, display high UV resistance and high resistance against pesticides, fertilizers and acids. 

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