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Yağmurlama Sulama Boru ve Ek Parçaları


What are the benefits of S-11 sprinkler?

S11 Angle adjustable sprinkler will now irrigate the area you want.

Adjustable sprinkler irrigates the area where you want. Adjustable working range between 20° ~ 360° degrees.

Thanks to its features that can be adjusted according to your irrigation needs, it is suitable for use in many areas such as field crops, landscape areas and sapling facilities.

Long lasting performance

It is made of plastic and stainless materials suitable for heavy outdoor conditions. It provides high resistance to chemicals, UV rays and impact.

Just like nature does!



• It offers ease of use in a wide range of projects with nozzle options suitable for different flow rates.
• The given data are for windless environment.
• Minimum operating pressure of the sprinkler is 2.5 bar for an efficient homogeneous irrigation.