Elbow - STF
Yağmurlama Sulama Boru ve Ek Parçaları


A sprinkler system component that provides 90 ̊ direction change to the pipes during water transport.  STF components have been developed for long years of trouble-free use for agricultural irrigation. Advantages, high resistance to UV rays, heat and pressure.  Produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) raw material.

Code Dia (mm) Code Dia (mm)
50-01-40 50 110-01-40 110
63-01-40 63 125-01-40 125
75-01-40 75 140-01-40 140
90-01-40 90 160-01-40 160

Strong connection

Latches made of reinforced aluminum are resistant to corrosion and high pressure. It has high resistance to UV rays, heat and pressure environments.

(STF reserves all rights to change the color and integrity in all their products.)