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The STF procurement process is carried out with the perspective of human competencies towards the correct unit. Our aim is to recruit employees who are willing to create added value to our company at the most appropriate and long term basis for our mission and working principles.

The STF career process is renewed and planned every year in line with company development and organizational needs. In line with the related plans, requests are collected in cooperation with the departments through the task descriptions and competencies related to the position in question.

Our recruitment process begins with the evaluation of applications to STF career. Resumes are pre-requisites and then candidates with the criteria set are invited to work interviews. Our candidates who are invited to the interview are evaluated in accordance with their competencies and experience for the relevant position. This process is supported by different measurement and evaluation tools in line with the needs. The process is completed with the appropriate candidate.

In the STF family, where every employee is considered as the art of engineering, all candidates are equally valuable to us.

STF career management enables employees to progress on tasks that can be successful by taking into account the interests and trends of the employees, to correct their task assignments and to increase their equipment. The performances are evaluated regularly and the directions that need to be improved are determined, and the trainings are developed and the human resources needed by the operation are created.

Please enter the required information in the pre-application form. STF / career management