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Hydrocyclone filters keep all particles heavier than the specific gravity of the water before they enter in to the system. Hydrocyclones, are generally used in deep well pump stations, to separate stones, gravel, sand and other particles. Hydrocylone filters help preventing drippers, sprinklers and spray nozzles from clogging, and operate smoothly.

• Drip irrigation systems

• Sprinkler irrigation systems

• Landscape irrigation systems

• Treatment systems

Exceeding filtering performance

Filter Selection

By making use of the centrifugal force created by the cyclone movement, it ensures that the particles with a specific gravity heavier than the water are filtered. Water speed is important because filtration is done by centrifugal force. If it is chosen larger than needed, the centrifugal force will be low as the water velocity in the filter will decrease and the particles will not be completely separated from the water. If the filter is chosen smaller than needed, it will cause loss of flow and energy. It is important to choose the appropriate filter for the flow of the water source.

It is used to filter particles with a specific gravity heavier than water. Input and output are produced as standard in 2”-3”-4”-5”-6”-8” diameters. The production of filters suitable for all flow rates is carried out in superior STF standards.

Oven epoxy paint on a sandblasted surface delivers smooth and durable construction with high resistance to corrosion and UV rays.

Treatment systems
It is used as a preliminary auxiliary filter in treatment plants and units. It makes coarse filtering and ensures that the purification devices work more efficiently and extend their lifetime.

Drip irrigation systems;
It is used as an auxiliary pre-filter in the drip irrigation system. The disc should be installed in front of the screen or gravel filter systems.

Sprinkler irrigation systems;
It is suitable to use alone in the sprinkler irrigation system. It reduces the accumulation of particles in the pipe. The sprinkler also minimizes nozzle clogging and congestion caused by pollutants such as sand shafts and prevents the accumulation of particles in carrier pipes and underground piping systems.

Landscape-Greenhouse irrigation systems;
It is suitable to use in landscaping and greenhouse irrigation systems, minimizing clogging and congestion in the system.