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What are the advantages of STF S-Line?

S-Line series produced with superior STF quality standards; which can adapt to all kinds of terrain. Thanks to its special drip design, it reduces the possibilities of clogging to the minimum level and ensures an efficient and trouble-free irrigation.

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• Thanks to its effective drip design against clogging works trouble free.

• It provides superior irrigation performance with homogeneous water and nutrient distribution even at low pressure.

Produced in a wide range of options, diameter (16-22-25mm), and different dripper options, suitable for every project is provided.

• It is resistant to external factors (sun, heat and soil creatures).

S-LINE is produced for field crops.

It has been developed for trouble-free irrigation. Thanks to the materials used in its production, display high UV resistance and high resistance against pesticides, fertilizers and acids. 

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